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Why We're Zooming our Bankruptcy Consultations

We're zooming our bankruptcy consultations and we don't expect to go back to in office consultations any time soon.

I stopped meeting in person meetings with the March 2020 pandemic lockdown. We now expect to stay all virtual--telephone and zoom--through the end of 2021.

In March 2020 when the lockdowns were first announced, I had never heard of Zoom. (The first place I used it was with my church.) Since then I've probably zoomed over five hundred times. Tech problems still pop up, but we've found mostly it works pretty well.

A big advantage is the savings on travel time. (Here in January 2021 it seems like traffic in Northern Virginia is as bad as ever.)

Zooming works especially well for what I call our "Quick call." We have the advantages of face to face--seeing as well as hearing questions and concerns. I have my lawyer office--all my info within reach. You are at your own location: maybe less tense and more open than if you were in a strange office.

Safety is the most important consideration. Sitting across a desk with someone for an hour and passing papers back and forth--well that's a risk that's easy to avoid.

The bankruptcy court hearing are scheduled to be zoom and telephone until two months after the President declares and end to the emergency. I expect to do virtual consultations for at least that long.

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