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Best Among Woodbridge Lawyers Dismissal Rate

Again this year, the Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed has the lowest rate of dismissals of any Woodbridge bankruptcy lawyers. The next lawyer's percentage is four times higher!

It's easy to compare.

The Law Office of Robert Weed is filed 332 cases in 2017 and had 24 dismissals. That's a dismissal rate of 7%.

Lawyer Michael Sandler filed one third fewer cases, 203, and had nearly three times the number of dismissals, 64. That's a dismissal rate of 32%.

Martin Conway filed only 40 cases and had 17 dismissed. A dismissal rate of 42%. And Alisa Lachow-Thurston filed 11 bankruptcies, less than one a month, and had 4 dismissed. That's a dismissal rate of 36%.

Best rate of bankruptcy dismissals

It's easy to confuse two words that look a lot alike. A bankruptcy discharge is when the bankruptcy is approved and the debts are cleared. A bankruptcy dismissal is the opposite. Dismissal means you dropped out, or got kicked out by the bankruptcy court.

Now and then a dismissal is what you want. A good example, if you get a loan mod, you might no longer need your bankruptcy. But most of the time a bankruptcy dismissal means what you were trying to do did NOT get approved.

If you talk to a lawyer who has a dismissal rate above 10%, you should ask them why.

Lowest Rate of Dismissals Woodbridge Bankruptcy Lawyers


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