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Mean Bank Caves in

It's very rare that a bank comes into bankruptcy court to make an objection.

But last year Mean Bank (not their real name) did that to my clients, Matthew and Anna (not their real names.) Mean Bank hired one of the highest priced bankruptcy lawyers in the whole state to come in and fight us.

This was on a loan for a business that had collapsed in Florida four years ago. We didn't think the bank had a good case, but we made a small compromise offer, as much as Matthew and Anna could afford. Mean Bank's lawyer laughed at my offer, demanding the whole amount the bank lost, plus and equal amount for legal fees. It looked like it was going to trial, but last month high price lawyer told me they were giving up, (I think Mean Bank got sick of paying his legal fees and realized they would never get that money back.)

Today the court approved the final order. Matthew and Anna have their news start. The debt to Mean

Mean Bank hired one of the most expensive bankrutpcy lawyers in Virginia to fight us.  But they got sick of paying his fees, and they gave up the fight.

Bank, along with all the others, is now officially cleared.

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