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After bankruptcy, get a couple credit cards.

After bankruptcy, be sure to get a couple credit cards.

I'm doing a survey of people who filed bankruptcy with me a few years ago. About half of them are telling me their score is 670 or higher, which is what Experian calls "good."

That's a lot better than most people expect--many people have heard that you go for seven years with bad credit--but it's less than what it should be.

The problem may be that about two out of five people did NOT go out right away and get a couple new credit cards.

After bankruptcy, it's important to build a new credit history. Your old, bad credit is frozen, although not wiped away. But you need to build good credit on top of it.

People get several credit card offers in the mail. And you can search on the internet for "credit cards for bad credit."

Charge something like gasoline every month, and pay it off every month. If you can do that, in three years your score should be well above 700.

Some people never want to see a credit card again. That's understandable, but it's not good strategy. If you want to be able to get a car loan at a good interest rate in a few years. you've gotta build a new credit history.

Three years after bankruptcy most people whould have a "good" credit score or better.

Get a couple cards. Charge something every month. Pay them off every month. Get back to good credit. Make the most of your new start.

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