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A $3,000 loan leads to a $45,000 garnishment.

Chuck ignored a warrant in debt he received in 2004. He had borrowed $3000 from Beneficial two years before. He fell behind in payments; and ignored the warrant in debt court date, because he knew he couldn't pay. What was the point?

So Beneficial got a default judgment against Chuck for $5300, plus $1125 in attorneys fee. It takes only two years for a debt to double at 36%. and Beneficial was adding late fees, too.

Chuck didn't hear much from Beneficial after that. Judgments fall off your credit report after seven years. Chuck had forgotten all about it.

(Some people think because they are off your credit report, they can't collect. Not true! Once a judgment is recorded in a Virginia circuit court they can collect for 20 years.)

Then in late 2019, Church is served with a garnishment for $45,000!

The lesson of this. Do NOT ignore a warrant in debt. If you are being sued for a debt you can't pay, the time to talk to a lawyer is now!

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